Mutts & Mongrels
Dog grooming

We are a friendly, family orientated business, run with great care and passion for our furry friends.
We offer a variety of dog grooming services to suit all needs.   Part of our motto is helping dogs  in need and we have been working  with Pet Safe for some time, grooming destitute dogs in need of homes in order to give them the best opportunity to find a loving forever home.
  1. Training
    We are fully trained by one of the leading dog groomers in Perth Western Australia. We hold current dog first aid certificates.
  2. What Suits Your Dog
    My training is fully catered around what suits your dog. No two dogs are the same and that is why I think my training is so successful.
  3. Feedback
    Much of my training is developed from your feedback as the dog's owner. After each session I ask for detailed feedback to help plan the next session.
  1. Experience
    Professional grooming for all breeds of dogs, including breed standard styling in Bunbury Western Australia. Experience in all areas including animal first aid.
  2. Passion
    Our dogs are part of our family and spend a lot of time with us - indoors and even in our beds. When dogs are clean and fresh they are welcomed into the family home and their happiness and wellbeing is ensured.
  3. My Team
    We are two dedicated dog groomers with a passion for animals and take pride in what we do.